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Is your mask protecting you from Covid-19?

Nov 5, 2020 | Blog

As we enter the second national lockdown it’s a very frightening time to be working in close proximity to the public and it’s more important than ever to make sure we’re wearing appropriate PPE and following safety protocols. This week we’re restating our prior advice regarding masks (how to choose a mask for work) in the strongest possible terms.

At this point, everyone knows that homemade or surgical type II masks can prevent Covid-19 carriers from passing the virus on to others BUT they do not protect wearer from others breathing the virus out. These masks usually don’t seal well on the face either, so leakage from the sides or anyone who has their nose outside the mask also poses a danger to people around them, especially if they’re not showing symptoms and everyone has their mental guard down.

As we are primarily a distributor to dental practices, we understand the importance of effective PPE. Dentists and nurses are using FFP3 masks which have been custom-fitted to their face, for their reception staff we are recommending the same FFP2 masks and visors we sell to salons, chiropractors, bank workers, etc…

The FFP2 masks we sell are known to many people by the Chinese equivalent standard N95. Our masks are CE-marked and meet the WHO guidelines for filtering at least 94% of particles when breathing in. The secure fit means leakage is under 8% so you can feel safe and confident at work.

Our advice remains the same as before, wear a mask that protects you as well as those around you. Protect yourself and protect your business.

If you have any questions about our products, service or just want advice on Covid-19 protocols feel free to drop us an email via

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