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Close contact services – Reopening dates

Feb 23, 2021 | Blog

The roadmap has been released, close contact businesses have a key date for the diary and we’ve got answers to the questions from last week as well as a new rule for schools:

Are we going back to the tier system?

Thankfully, there are currently no plans to reinstate the tier system. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have slightly different lockdown exit plans but regions within a country will be subject to the same rules – so hopefully no concerns of losing business to competitors in the next county.

Will distancing remain after lockdown?

Yes, at least until 21st June we will be subject to distancing and the associated rules in some shape or form. So keep the masks and sanitiser on hand.

Will we still have Covid inspections?

Coming out of lockdown is dependent on the infection rates coming down. The Government has made it clear they will delay the end of lockdown if rates climb too high so expect the Covid safety inspections to rise in frequency as the Government tries to keep everyone up to code.

Masks to be compulsory in Secondary Schools

The first step out of lockdown is reopening the schools and it will now be mandatory for children to wear a face covering from secondary school upwards. Given how many school outbreaks were reported last year, this should not come as a surprise. Fit and healthy youngsters will be among the last in line for vaccination so getting them to wear proper protective masks is incredibly important.

When will close contact services reopen?

12th April is the big date for everyone to be aware of. If everything goes to plan, all shops including hairdressers, salons and gyms will be allowed to open from 12th April. Weddings will also be going ahead from this date and after the lockdown delays there will be a rush of people looking to book in for a makeover before the big day.

Remember, our PPE sale is still on with masks, visors, thermometers and moisturising sanitizers all in stock and ready to ship. Whether you’re buying for work or school, don’t delay, order now and keep yourself protected.

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