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The end of lockdown

Feb 16, 2021 | Blog

As of Monday 15th Feb, over 15 million people have received a Covid vaccine and we’re all waiting with bated breath for the Prime Minister’s next announcement. The government has promised a “roadmap” for reopening schools with non-essential high-street business hopefully to follow soon after that.

Will we go back to the tier system?

This is the key thing we’re waiting to hear and the expectation changes from day to day! The rapidly-spreading new variants showed up the old tier system as unfit for purpose and the government has made it clear they would prefer a nation-wide response where possible. Having said that there are some areas which are clearly worse affected than others and if the tiers mean people get back to work faster, they may go for it.

Will distancing remain after lockdown?

Almost certainly. Health authorities are still not 100% sure whether vaccinated people can spread the virus and all the time it’s out there we need to keep up safety protocols. For close contact workers that means we’ll be carrying on with distancing, masks, temperature checks, etc… The lull before reopening is a great time to carry out a stock check and make sure you have all the PPE and equipment you need, especially when there are lockdown sales on.

Will we still have Covid inspections?

Covid safety inspections have continued throughout this latest lockdown and if anything it seems they’re ramping up. We’ve all seen the viral police videos of secret barber appointments on social media and hotspot areas are getting targeted inspections. The Leicester region is currently in the spotlight with over 300 inspections already completed and a further 534 already booked in. With that in mind it’s a good idea to review your procedures in advance of reopening.

How to prepare for the end of lockdown

In November we created an end of lockdown checklist to help our clients set themselves up for a return to work. It’s a v short read and all the information is still valid so we suggest you take a quick look ahead of the Prime Minister’s next address.

Our current sale is set to continue until the end of lockdown. We have FFP2/N95 filtering masks, visors and thermometers at their lowest price so act now and get your orders in so you’re fully stocked and protected for the return to work.

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