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How to keep your phone Covid-free

Oct 19, 2020 | Blog

This week the BBC reported on laboratory test results finding Covid-19 can remain infectious on some surface types for up to 28 days. As scary as that is, the same study also gave us solid pointers on how to stop the virus surviving and important instructions to follow regarding the key surface types and we’ve gathered those here for you.

Ideal conditions for killing off Covid-19

The Australian science agency found the virus was able to survive for 28 days specifically in dark conditions. Previous studies that did not focus on light had survival rates anywhere from 2-6 days so this is a big jump. The virus cannot last as long in well-lit environments and we know that UV light (sunlight) in particular is effective in killing it off. While President Trump’s idea of shining UV light on everything may not be feasible in the workplace, we can definitely make an effort to keep the lights on and let in as much sunlight as possible, although in fairness that’s going to be a bit tough through the winter!

Which surfaces are most at risk?

Covid-19 particles stay alive and infectious for over twice as long on smooth surfaces as they do on anything porous like cloth. That means we’re looking at countertops, door handles and phones as key risk areas. By now we all know the importance of cleaning the workplace but as the days get darker we’ll have to make an increased effort to regularly rub everything down with disinfectant and surface cleaners.

What about our phones?

Given that our phones are often found in our hands, next to our face or in a dark pocket, they should be very high on our priority list for cleaning regularly. Think of your phone as an extension of your body, if your hands are dirty and need cleaning, then you should wipe your phone down too. And absolutely avoid sharing phones at work or handing them around to others to show off pictures or carry on a conversation.

 Unless you own a specialist “rugged” phone, you probably won’t be able to wash it in soapy water for 20 minutes but you can still wipe it over with disinfectant wipes or a cloth with a bit of alcohol gel on it. We strongly recommend you keep alcohol gel at hand for all those occasions when normal hand washing isn’t possible. For best results, use a medical-grade hand sanitizer like Hanrub to kill off germs and protect your skin. Available at just £6.95 a bottle, order now at the Dinamo PPE Shop.

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