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Preventing mask-related acne & bad breath

Sep 3, 2020 | Blog

At the end of a quiet day you might be tempted to put that “clean-looking” mask to one side and use it again tomorrow, well don’t do it! Even ignoring the Covid-19 risks, not changing your mask can wreak havoc on your teeth and skin leaving you with medical bills and poor self-esteem. Next time you’re tempted to reuse an old mask, here’s what you need to consider:

Mask-related acne (Maskne)

It’s been a hot topic in recent weeks but if you hadn’t heard, mask-related spots, rashes, etc… are a real headache to get rid of once they take hold. Over a day your mask is going to accumulate a layer of sweat, dirt, air pollution and even bacteria from your breathing. Given that your skin may already be irritated and sweaty from wearing a mask all day, you’re not doing it any favours by adding another day’s grime on top. We’ve all got horrific teenage memories of waking up to a pizza face, let’s not go back to that.

Bad breath & oral disease

Dentists are predicting a huge rise in gum disease and tooth decay for the coming years so if you think it’s tough to get a dental appointment now, it’s set to get worse. Having to get the mask off and on every time we need a drink means we’re drinking less water at work and bacteria is building up instead of being washed away. That same bacteria is giving us mask breath (halitosis) now and serious dental problems later. Not changing your mask would make the problem even worse as you’d be breathing in all the tiny food particles and bacteria you breathed out the day before.

Damaged client relations

Let’s assume no one else knows you’re wearing yesterday’s mask, you’re still putting yourself, your co-workers and your clients at risk by not changing it. If someone comes down with Coronavirus after visiting your clinic or salon and everyone has to go into isolation it will cause financial hardship for your business and potentially worry clients about how safe it is to visit you.

Wear a fresh mask every day

Getting caught out for not changing your mask is maybe less embarrassing than picking your nose or scratching your bum but chances are it’s going to cause you bigger problems than either of those in the long run. The advice is simple, wear a decent FFP2 (N95) mask, handle it as little as possible and throw it away either if it gets dirty or at the end of your working day.

If you’re in need of quality, disposable masks you can purchase professional-grade FFP2 masks in packs of 25 or as singles from our online shop.

Any questions, drop us an email at

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