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How to properly use an infrared thermometer

Aug 10, 2020 | Blog

What to Do & Key Mistakes to Avoid

Virtually every salon, clinic and spa out there has made temperature checks part of their screening process and with good reason! Poor screening is a dealbreaker for many clients so we’ve put these notes together to help you keep yours happy and safe.

Normal Average Body Temperature

The average human body temperature is 36.5-37.5 °C with anything over 37.5 °C being considered a fever. Given how small the normal temperature range is, you really need to use a thermometer that’s accurate and make sure your team know what temperature to look for. Even better, get a thermometer with a fever alarm like ours so you don’t miss anything.

Best Distance for Measuring Temperature

Obviously we all want to keep our distance when we can but for an accurate reading you’ll need to hold the thermometer 3-5cm away from the client’s forehead. Ideally this is best done either outside your premises or as the client is admitted to a treatment area.

Can You Measure Temperature Through a Screen?

You can’t get an accurate temperature reading through a barrier, sorry folks! Thermometer guns read surface temperatures, if you try to get a reading through a barrier like a face shield or window, etc… you’ll just get the temperature of that barrier rather than the client. Make sure you take a reading directly of the skin, which brings us to our next point…

Can You Measure Temperature of Wet Skin?

You can measure wet skin, but it won’t give an accurate result. Whether it’s raining or your client is a sweaty Betty (we don’t judge, it’s hot out there!), ask them to wipe their forehead dry so you can get a good reading.

Final Tips

Make sure you have some spare batteries knocking around just in case and turn your thermometer off when it’s not in use. Luckily, our thermometers have an auto-power off after 10 seconds but if you’ve got a more basic thermometer you’ll be kicking yourself if you run the battery down on a busy day. You may also find our Five Reasons to Use an Infrared Thermometer at Work article helpful.

If you still haven’t bought your thermometer (or you want to upgrade yours) we have them back in stock at just £24.95, order now at the Dinamo PPE Shop.

Ps. Follow us on Facebook and feel free to message with any queries. We’ve been working with dentists for nearly a decade and would love to help you too.

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