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Five reasons to use an infrared thermometer at work

Aug 3, 2020 | Blog

The infrared thermometer has become one of our most important tools since lockdown ended. This week we’re giving five reasons why you should be using one!

1 It’s reassuring for staff and clients

We all know people that are still scared to come out after lockdown. If you are seen to be checking temperatures as people come into your premises it puts everyone at ease and helps create a stress-free environment.

2 New equipment shows a professional approach

Having a standardised entry procedure gives clients confidence that they are in capable, professional hands. The fact that you have purchased dedicated equipment and introduced a new entry system shows them that you are someone to take seriously.

3 It’s one of the Government’s screening checks

Along with a persistent cough and loss of taste/smell. A temperature check is one of the screening questions the Government has told us to ask clients when they arrive. Using the thermometer is an easy way to show compliance with Government guidelines.

4 Built-in features can prevent mistakes

Our digital infrared thermometers have a built-in fever alarm so even if the user is rushed and not paying attention the thermometer will beep and let them know something is wrong. Plus if it’s left alone for more than a few seconds it turns itself off to save on battery power!

5 Everyone else is using one!

In a competitive industry, this is one of the most important reasons. Private dentists and pubs were quick to catch on and advertise their temperature checks so customers felt safe and chose them over their competitors. If you’re doing temperature scans you should let clients know in advance, don’t lose out on business over something so simple!

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