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How to prepare for Covid Safety Inspections

Oct 19, 2020 | Blog

Between March & June this year the Health & Safety Executive inspected nearly 4000 business for Covid-compliance and the total number of spot checks has been rising ever since. HSE warned that unannounced inspections can be targeted at virtually any business, of any size and in any sector. They are picking some businesses at random and also visiting any that they have been anonymously tipped off about at via their Health & Safety Concerns Form.

The checks are simple enough but Inspections could be in person with someone turning up to visit your premises, or it could take the form of a phone call. In that case they will ask questions and then request supporting evidence in documents, pictures or even video footage. Even hospitals have been shown to fail in multiple areas but honestly, it’s a simple case of following the Covid-secure protocols and making sure you have the documents to hand in case someone asks to see them.

Here’s what you need to do for a Covid-19 Risk Assessment:

If your business employs 5 or more people, this an absolute necessity so make sure your risk assessment is up to date and ready to go if requested. Even if you have less than 5 people we’d recommend you complete one anyway as it will help you stay up to code and hold you in good stead in the event of a spot check.

Take a look at this example template and use it to either create your own, or update it. As with all compliance paperwork, just make sure whatever controls or actions you include are followed to the letter in real life, it’s no good having all the right paperwork if your staff ignore it anyway.

Follow social distancing protocols

Everyone and their dog knows about distancing now. Measures could include reminder posters, distanced floor markings or one way systems. Just make sure you’re following the latest distancing measures for your region as Wales, England & Scotland all have different rules for how close people are allowed to get.

Keep it clean

Just in case anyone didn’t get the message back in March, dedicated procedures for handwashing and surface cleaning are now required. Don’t get complacent here, even hospitals have been pulled up on this for not keeping their hand gel dispensers topped up at all times.

Staff training records

This is easy. Make a list of your Covid procedures, go through them with your staff and make sure they understand everything, then ask each one to sign and date the list to show that they’ve been trained on them. Keep the record on file and you’ll have something to back you up when the inspector asks if and when staff were given training. This is also a great time to talk through working from home (not an option for close-contact services) and any special requirements for vulnerable workers.

Managing transmission risks

This is a big category and includes spotting clients or workers with identifiable symptoms (fever, cough, etc…) as well as checking anyone who should be isolating following travel and asking everyone to check-in with the track & trace app via your personal QR code poster.

On top of all that, this is also the section where you need to show you’re limiting risks by wearing PPE where distancing is not possible, such as treating clients. The simplest way to do this is to list all job/treatment types alongside the necessary PPE for each one along with any specific information such as face covering types (e.g. FFP2 mask, wraparound visor, etc…).

Keep everything on file

At first glance it can look a little daunting but when you break it down, you’re probably already doing most of this. You just need to make sure you have it written down and accessible in case the inspector comes by. Having it written up and stored on site in a dedicated folder will put your mind at ease and make the inspectors job nice and easy, it will also reassure your clients and show them that you’re on top of the game!

As a dental supplier we’re used to working with clients as they go through stringent inspections so feel free to contact us with queries via As ever you can also purchase quality PPE & cleaning supplies via our online store.

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